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Optimum is a specialised trainer and coaching company that create robust holistic solutions for optimal performance, wellbeing and growth for goal oriented clients. We have capacities in training, nutrition and coaching, and provide personalised solutions, on all levels, across sports and life domains.

Trainer Check Up is a personal review of your training situation. What do you want to achieve with your training? What do you do now? What can you do differently? At the Check Up, you receive tips on training optimisation  as well as recommendations for training plans, training courses and nutrition that allow for the developments you are striving for.

Trainer Check Up

Coach Check Up is an in depth personal review to form a clear overview of your needs, challenges, goals and limitations. You receive implementable tips and strategies on how you can create change today, as well as recommendations for interventions that will provide development and lasting change. Finally, you get suggestions on relevant coaching courses.

Coach Check Up


Training & Coaching
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Training & Coaching
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Strength & Conditioning

Personal solutions
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Individual programs
An Optimum program is always based on dialogue and is specifically calibrated to the clients situation, objective, demands and limitations. 
Specific objectives
Whether you train towards a specific goal, wish to achieve better fitness, more robust physique, build on a solid form or seek changes in body composition, we create specific plans, based on your needs, your level and your physical demands.
Training analysis & Coach sparring
Depending on your program of choice, you will receive regular training analysis of your progress as well as ongoing coach sparring to address your challenges and needs, large and small.
Support & Personal contact
We offer support on all our plans, incl. those purchased via Trainingpeaks.
No signup fee or long contracts
We never charge signup fees or hold our clients to long contracts.
About Optimum

What we can do for you!

We know life is difficult. We know that you have your own challenges to deal with, that your goals are important and that the road ahead is hard. We can't help you avoid the battle you have to fight, but we can help you getting prepared to win it.

In sports, career and private life, we constantly have to make decisive decisions that influence both our performance and wellbeing. Our coaching concept is based on a holistic understanding of your prerequisites - Challenges, Limitations and Strengths - which means that we can intervene exactly where you need it, in order, first and foremost, to thrive in the process, follow your development plan and achieve your goals.

Performance and wellbeing go hand in hand. Therefore, our trainers are not just experts in physiology, they also have a deep insight into mental coaching based on their own experiences and ongoing studies. Likewise, our mental coaches understand that mental wellbeing and personal development go hand-in-hand with a balanced life in health and harmony - a life in imbalance is fragile to chance and outside influence.

Our trainers are first and foremost athletes themselves who have fought their way through the demanding and stressful life that ambitious sporting goals undeniably create. Our mental coaches are experienced veterans and commanders from the armed forces with deep insight into mental training, wellbeing, personal development and life achievements.

Our Check Ups are personal consultations with a Trainer or Coach to get an overview of your situation, what you can do today to create change and a plan for the way forward.

Check Ups can be used as a stand-alone consultation or as a springboard to the right training or coaching course to achieve your goals and dreams.

Trainer Check Up
Coach Check Up

Customer Portal

Here we have collected the most necessary functions for our customers who have an active subscription. With just a few clicks, you can book a status session with your personal coach or manage your subscription and means of payment.

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I can feel that I have improved on all parameters. It is high class training guidance you offer. A huge thumbs up from me.
Marco - Bicycle rider