Our story

Optimum Coaching was established in 2019 by Kasper Hartl Hansen based on a concept that combined the key performance domains Training, Nutrition and Mental Coaching in one unified solution - a one-stop-shop - to provide holistic guidance, adjusted to the individual's current needs across domains.

After having sought a solution for himself that covered this range in order to support the individual needs across domains, it was clear that such a solution was not on offer anywhere. With an unfulfilled need, Kasper then formulated the concept based on his own experiences from more than twenty years as a soldier, leader, athlete and coach. He describes the process as follows:

"Once during the spring of 2019, I woke up in the middle of the night with a clear picture of what I wanted to do. Within a few hours I had formulated the concept in writing. It is the same concept we carry with us today, regardless of the domain or the client.'' - Kasper Hartl Hansen

In the spring of 2023, Nicolai Zinck was hired as Cycling Coach to meet the growing need for a dedicated coach for our bike racers. But, Nicolai is more than a cycling coach. In addition to his deep insight as a racer himself, he is a creative problem solver who provides invaluable sparring in all aspects of our business areas.

At the beginning of the year, 2024, we were able to welcome another employee when Thomas Gosvig Christensen was hired as a Mental Coach within the domains Wellbeing, Performance and Team Coaching. Prior to Thomas' joining, we had experienced increasing demand for our specialised coaching solutions. Thomas' background as a soldier and veteran allow him to approach our clients needs and opportunities with special insight and perspective.

We've come a long way in a few years, but we haven't reached our goal. We can always improve. We must never take our customers' trust for granted. We must always make an effort, be open and humble about the responsibility that rests upon us.

Disclaimer: We have no secret recipes for success. We offer no special tricks or shortcuts to overcome challenges. Our course requires hard targeted work, discipline and persistence. In return for your efforts, we promise that our trainers and coaches will be with you, all the way.

Create change - Promote success - Make a positive difference

Optimum Talent

Optimum Talent is a program for selected talents that we have chosen to support with long-term courses of training guidance, sports coaching and nutrition guidance. The goal is to help the athletes with their development from youth to national/international elite level. What we value when we look to enrol a talent in the program is that the candidates sporting and personal profile is in line with Optimum's core values:

Respectful - Responsible - Disciplined - Unselfish

Currently we have the following enrolled in our Talent Program:

Boas Lysgaard - BHS PL Beton-Bornholm

Magnus Øglend - Randers Cycling Club

Head Coach

Kasper Hartl Hansen
Kasper Hartl Hansen

My name is Kasper Hartl Hansen. I am the founder and Head Coach at Optimum Coaching. I am a certified personal trainer specialising in endurance sports, performance coach and nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition. In addition to my work as a trainer and coach, I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of Optimum.

I have a background as a non-commissioned officer and a veteran of the armed forces, which has enriched me with a total of five years of stationing the world's hotspots. Throughout my career as a soldier I have worked with promoting units and individuals' training, thriving and performance, at times under the most stressful of circumstances. 

As a trainer, I draw on my experience from decades of specific training both as a soldier, endurance athlete, with road cycling and marathon running as a focal point, strength training and as a boxer.

By combining my military background with my passion for sports performance and coaching, I have formulated my approach to performance optimisation which is a balancing of training, coaching, nutrition and recovery - adapted to the individual's situation, goals and needs.

My guiding principle is the trinity: hard work, persistence and purposeful behaviour.

  • Personal Trainer: Cycling - Running - Strength
  • Coach: Performance Coaching - Wellbeing Coaching - Team Coaching
  • Nutrition: Nutrition Guides and Performance Nutrition
  • Non-Commissioned officer and veteran with five years of deployment

Cycling Coach

Nicolai Zinck
Nicolai Zinck

My name is Nicolai Zinck. I am a trained cycling coach at Denmark's Cycling Union and employed as a cycling coach at Optimum Coaching. I am a former elite cyclist and have been competing from Under 11's all the way up to the domestic elite class. Throughout my cycling career, I have worked with several skilled coaches, from whom I have gleaned their individual systems and coaching techniques. I think I have been able to adapt the best from them all in my own coaching approach. I am also the responsible youth and kids coach at Hobro Cykleklub.

In 2021 I was affected by performance anxiety and depression which resulted in me ending my active cycling career. The battle with depression and anxiety has been the most educational experience of my life and I feel now, on the other side of this hurdle, that I am stronger than ever. I have learned a lot about myself, life's challenges and the pressure elite athletes struggle with. I have turned my biggest down into my highest up with simple tools that I can share with my athletes. My love for the sport, and my burning drive to help others avoid or get through similar challenges as myself, is the foundation of my work as a coach.

My training philosophy is based on my own experience as a racer, which is connected with the theoretical knowledge I have learned through my education. All my training plans are individually created and are solely based on you; where you are in life and what goals you are striving for.

Through structured training, that is specifically adapted to you, as well as personal coaching, you can reach further than you think. I am ready to help you!

  • DCU Cycling Coach: Youth & Elite - Rider development and guidance
  • Performance & Development: Performance and development counselling
  • Elite racer and DCU youth coach

Coach - Wellbeing & Performance

Thomas Gosvig Christensen
Thomas Gosvig Christensen

My name is Thomas Gosvig Christensen. I am a trained ICI coach specialising in wellbeing and performance. I have a background as a non-commissioned officer from the armed forces, where I have worked with training, coaching and motivation as well as management of more than a thousand soldiers over the past thirty years. During my military career I have been tested on all parameters, both physical and mental, not the least through my many deployments around the world.

My military background and the challenges I have experienced through my work as a leader and soldier have enriched me with a wide range of skills in the fields of wellbeing and performance coaching. My approach to coaching is that life is difficult for all of us, the goal is not to remove challenges or make life easier, but to make us stronger and resistant to life's challenges, and through dedicated work overcome what stands in the way of us achieving our goals.

I am passionate about working with people who are invested in personal growth and are ready to make an effort, even if it hurts at times. I use a wide range of coaching tools adapted to the individual client's needs. It can be sit down 1-1 sparring, walk-and-talk, group dialogue (team coaching), mental training as well as ongoing individually adapted exercises and strategies.

Do you already have a goal, or can you simply tell that your current path is not leading you in the right direction, I am ready to help you achieve better wellbeing, increase your performance and reach your goal, whatever it may be.

Better the will to win than fear of failure!

  • Coach: Performance Coaching - Wellbeing Coaching - Team Coaching
  • Areas of focus: Stress - Anxiety - Focus - Motivation - Wellbeing - Career - Performance
  • Teams: Team work - Communication - Development - Performance optimisation
  • NOC and veteran with more than thirty years of service