About Optimum

In the summer of 2019, Kasper Hartl Hansen established Optimum, with an ambition to create a one-stop-shop, for goal oriented clients at all levels, across domains - sport, business and life stages - by creating a concept formulated from twenty years experience as an athlete, soldier, leader and coach where the goal was to bring together the core domains in performance optimisation: training, nutrition and coaching, in one combines solution.

This concept, paired with a philosophy that life is undeniably a journey in challenges, that cannot be avoided - we can only increase the capacity to limit the negative impact on performance and well-being, has given us our special place in the trainer and coaching industry.

Today Optimum is one of Scandinavia's leading providers of specialised training guidance, coaching and nutritional guidance for athletes at all levels, from beginners to elite, as well as for professionals, artists, students and operators in high-intensity industries.

Our courses are specified in relation to the individual goals and are always based on the foundation: professional expertise, scientific insight and individual adaptation. With integrated digital solutions and accessibility, our customers enjoy full flexibility and timely communication, wherever they may be. Our trainers and coaches are certified within their respective areas of expertise and undergo continuous training, as well as the development of new techniques, approaches and systems. With professional expertise, scientific insight and decades of experience, we design courses for quality-conscious customers.

Disclaimer: we do not promise that a course with Optimum will be easy. We offer no special tricks or shortcuts to make problems evaporate, whether we are to provide training guidance or coaching. Rather, we promise that our course includes hard work that requires discipline and persistence, and that our coaches are with you, all the way.

  • Professional competences and personal experience
  • Scientific insight, thoroughly tested techniques and the newest findings
  • Individually adjusted, personal contact and ongoing follow up

Optimum Talent

Optimum Talent is a program for selected talents that we have chosen to support with long-term courses of training guidance, sports coaching and nutrition guidance. The goal is to help the athletes with their development from youth to national/international elite level. What we value when we look to enrol a talent in the program is that the candidates sporting and personal profile is in line with Optimum's core values:

Respectful - Responsible - Disciplined - Unselfish

Currently we have the following enrolled in our Talent Program:

Boas Lysgaard - BHS PL Beton-Bornholm

Magnus Øglend - Randers Cycling Club

Head Coach

Kasper Hartl Hansen

My name is Kasper Hartl Hansen. I am the founder and Head Coach at Optimum Coaching. I am a certified personal trainer specialising in endurance sports, performance coach and nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition. In addition to my work as a trainer and coach, I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of Optimum.

I have a background as a non-commissioned officer and a veteran of the armed forces, which has enriched me with a total of five years of stationing in some of the world's hotspots. Throughout my work as a soldier I have worked with units and individuals training, thriving and performance, at times under the most stressful of circumstances. The combined experience from my military career forms the basis for my approach to performance, thriving and stress management. 

The principles I base my work on aim at creating stability and broaden the base performance level, through targeted physical and mental interventions that form the foundation for peak performance. As a trainer, I draw on my experience from decades of specific training both as a soldier, endurance athlete, with road cycling and marathon running as a focal point, strength training and as a boxer.

By combining my military background with my passion for sports performance and coaching, I have formulated my approach to performance optimisation which is a balancing of training, coaching, nutrition and recovery - adapted to the individual's situation, goals and needs.

My guiding principle is that hard work, purposeful behaviour and persistence is key to success.