Specialised Training Camps

Professionel løbetræner
DIY three day mini camp

Economical training camps with great training returns. Limited travel time, minimal budget and full focus on training. We provide a complete training plan, based on your goals and your situation.

6 sessions in three days

At home or away


Trainingpeaks account is a prerequisite

  • Boost aerobic conditioning
  • Expand muscular endurance
  • Lift VO2max capacity
  • Improve training capacity 

After you've placed your order, you will be contacted by the responsible coach within 48 hours. Delivery time approx. seven days.

DIY seven day training camp

Want to dedicate a week to training, but save on travel costs - why not do a DIY training camp? You provide the accommodation and nutrition, we provide the training plan for the whole week. 

12 sessions in seven days

Most cost effective training camp


Trainingpeaks account is a prerequisite

  • Increase VO2max
  • Expand anaerobic capacity
  • Specific strength training
  • Increase weekly training capacity by 10-20%

After you've placed your order, you will be contacted by the responsible coach within 48 hours. Delivery time approx. seven days.

All inclusive training camp

All inclusive training camp in Calpe, Spain. Stay at the popular bike resort Cap Negret in Altea. Individual training plans - complete support setup - great accommodation and excellent food.


Road Racers and Mountain Bikers


8 days with on-road support

  • Personal training plan
  • Ongoing coach sparring
  • Training oriented meals 
  •  Cap Negret - Altea

When booking you are reserved a slot. If we can not fill the camp you are fully refunded.

Brave Camp

36 hours camp of physical and mental testing. Meet your limits. Boost your self confidence and mental strength. Qualified military instructors and coaches supervise and control all drill environments.

Meet your limits

...and break them down


36 hours you never forget

  • Physically demanding
  • Mentally challenging
  • Controlled environments
  • Evaluation with coach

Choose between spring and autumn camps. Camps are held in Denmark.

Our solutions for training camps are wide-ranging and thus cover every need and budget. For the price-conscious or time limited athlete, we offer do-it-yourself training camps. For the athlete who wants the complete professional experience, we offer, in collaboration with Hotel Cap Negret, all-inclusive camps in the area around Calpe, Spain. Finally, we offer training camp guidance for athletes, coaches and tour operators.

BraveCamps are 36-hour adventure camps for tough guys and gals. The goal of the camps are to boost self-confidence and mental resilience.


The Do-It-Yourself concept allows for optimal training adaptations at the cheapest price. We create the personal training plan for your 3 or 7 day training camp, you take care of the rest. It is recommended that the training camp is held in isolation from outside influences. Meaning:

1: Time off from work and private commitments

2:  In order to minimise disturbances you should get away from home during the period the camp takes place.

Calpe, Spain

The professional training camp with full support setup held in Europe's most popular training area, Costa Blanca in Spain. In collaboration with hotel Cap Negret, we organise individually adapted training camps with full support in a pleasant setting at a sports resort that supports countless pro and national team riders annually.

Be Brave

36 hours you will never forget! The mentally and physically challenged BraveCamp is an active coaching event that pushes you on all parameters. Our concept is based on thoroughly tested drills and challenges for optimal personal benefit in the form of increased self-confidence and mental resilience.

Requirements for successful participation:

Run: 5km in 30 min.

Strength: 30 air squats, 20 push-ups, 10 burpees

Free from injury and illness