Brave Camp

Brave Camp is Optimum's active coaching event, where the participants are tested across physical and mental parameters to meet their limits, work with coping strategies and intervention tools during 36 hours they will never forget. There is ongoing individual sparring with instructors and coaches regarding strengths, limiters and reactions when limits are met.

The aim of the camp is for the participants to get to know themselves - what are their strengths and limiters? How do they react under pressure and what tools can they use to change their behaviour in the future?

Meet your limits


  • Physically demanding
  • Mentally challenging
  • Controlled environments
  • Evaluation with coach
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Four camps annually. Choose between spring and autumn camps. The camp has been developed and supervised by experienced instructors from the armed forces

The Course

The camp runs from Friday evening to Sunday morning, somewhere in Denmark. The challenges are composed to uncover all physical and mental parameters of the individual participant. No matter how strong a participant may be on a given parameter; physical strength, cognitive processing, mental endurance, communication and courage, the aim of the camp is to expose limitations and stress test reactions. The instructors use physical and mental challenges as well as well-tested stress provocateurs, in order to ensure that each participant achieves maximum benefit.

It is not the objective of the camp that the participants must be broken down - but they must be pushed to the limit to know where it is and how they can overcome themselves. A successful camp is when each participant goes home tired but happy, challenged but victorious and with specific tools to continue personal development.


The participant must bring their own sleeping mat, sleeping bag and backpack as well as clothing according to a packing list - not something 99% of the active population does not have at home. Everything else will be handed out during the camp as needed.

Requirements for successful participation

Run: 5km in 30 min.

Strength: 30 air squats, 20 push-ups og 10 burpees

Injury free and healthy

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Inquiries and bookings are made per email or contact form. If you have any questions, we can also be contacted by phone.