Performance & Wellbeing

Optimum has more than 20 years of experience with performance & mental resilience coaching within the fields of sports, business, armed forces and private clients.

Our popular Coach Check Up is a solo session where we form a clear picture of your situation, your challenges and limitations. You get a coach's assessment of your situation, including recommendations on action plans for change and development, implementable strategies and suggestions for courses to help you achieve your goals.

Coach Check Up
Performance coaching
Performance Coaching

Individual coaching courses that strives to lift base and top level performance through individually selected and adapted sessions, exercises and interventions.

Become the best you!


per month

  • Individually targeted exercises
  • Goal Setting & Action Plans
  • Perspective, inspiration & focus
  • Drive & development
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Alternatively, contact us for a conversation about your wishes and needs.

Relatives coach
Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching courses and mental training for handling your wellbeing challenges: handling stress, anxiety and focus or changes in lifestyle, career or habits.

Wellbeing & Growth


per month - 1.200€ total

  • Mental training
  • Handling stress & anxiety
  • Increased focus & drive
  • Lifestyle changes
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Can also be delivered as bundle or seasonal courses.

Sports Coaching

Specialised and targeted sessions and interventions that aim to increase the athlete's optimal performance in competition as well as daily balance and mental thriving.

Raise your game - Reach your goal


per session

  • Specifically adapted interventions
  • Stress management & Resilience
  • Holistically founded sparring
  • Motivation & focus
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Alternatively, contact us for a conversation about your wishes and needs.

Warrior coaching
The Best Man

Individual course to increased discipline, purposeful behaviour and mental resilience. For men with unfulfilled potential, lack of drive or focus in action.

Personal or online sessions


Total for 6 months

  • Personal development plan
  • Coaching - Mentoring - Mental training
  • Training & Nutrition
  • Ongoing communication with coach
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Alternatively, contact us for a conversation about your wishes and needs.

Team coaching
Team Coaching

Team course and training for optimised team performance and individual wellbeing. Specific solutions based on Performance Coaching and Team Building.

Individual and team sessions


per session

  • Controlled developments
  • Performance and well-being
  • Individual goal setting & Strategies
  • Frequency as needed
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Individual solutions based on your needs, limiters and objectives.

Team Camp
Team Camp

Team building camps and development programs that improve performance, trust, communication and cooperation while creating a strong team culture. 

Team specific course


per participant

  • Specially adapted interventions
  • Communication & Cooperation
  • Trust & self-confidence
  • Strong team culture
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Individual solutions based on your needs, limiters and objectives.

The complete person

Our approach to coaching, regardless of specialty, is not simply to focus on the recognised limitations, but to meet the client as a complete person, with strengths and weaknesses across domains, with which we can work to stabilise and expand the mental foundation and raise the base performance level through specific strategies and exercises.

In our experience it is rarely in the specialised domains that the limitations at the top have their root. Far more often it is the small fluctuations, low in the personal performance chain, that limit the big lift at the top. Hence the aforementioned focus on the complete person, regardless of whether we work with athletes, business leaders or private individuals.


We work with actionable and personally adapted interventions to create robust, measurable, action plans and strategies to ensure well-being and growth, one step at a time. Some aspects we works on are values, motivation, stress reactions and social interactions - whatever limits the individual.

Employees & Teams

We also offer coaching for companies and clubs that want to increase the  performance or harmony of teams or individual employees. Here, among other things, we can offer individual and group sessions as well as Team Camps to strengthen team spirit and trust.