Performance Coaching

Performance coaching courses are specific and individually adapted courses where we work with a series of interventions that aim to improve certain aspects of the coachee's lifestyle in order to achieve optimal performance within specific domains such as sports, career or private relationships.

Our sessions can be held either online or over the phone, wherever you are. We can also hold the sessions face-to-face either at our addresses in Mariager or Ry, at your place or somewhere else, for example as a walk-and-talk session.


In performance coaching the goal is to raise the level of performance, by actively working to break down limiting reactions and patterns of action, as well as building up new routines and response mechanisms. The course includes sessions, usually one-to-one, involving conversation and reflection on issues such as motivation, values and response patterns.


We will also dig deeper into more specific, areas that are of particular relevance to the individual, such as goal setting strategy, mental training, stressor management, time management and tools for thriving. In addition to being coached directly, this course also utilise "homework" and adhering to action plans, for recoding previous reaction patterns, as well as learning new purposeful action patterns.

In short, performance coaching is the work of helping the coachee from competent performance to mastery, by uncovering potential and limiting the impact of obstacles on it.

Performance = Potential - Limitations

Monthly program - Unlimited exercises


per month

  • 2x 70 min sessions per month
  • Personal development plan
  • Unlimited exercises
  • Ongoing communication with your coach

Kasper Hartl Hansen

Head Coach

  • Performance Specialist
  • Coaching - Training - Nutrition
  • Sports - Career - Lifestyle
  • Veteran from the Armed Forces
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Thomas Gosvig Christensen

ICI Coach

  • ICI Certified Coach
  • Coaching & Mental Training
  • Youth - Career - Lifestyle
  • Veteran from the Armed Forces
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