Team Camp

Team Camp is Optimum's concept aiming at developing teams through practical and physical challenges (collectively known as Interventions). The camp is an evolution of the well-known Team Building concept where participants are challenged on trust and confidence, communication and cooperation. In this evolution, we combine our coaching concept with more than twenty years of experience from military and elite sports, in order to address team's specific limitations and improve their interactions through a series of challenges in foreign and challenging environments.

Team specific course


per participant

  • Specially adapted interventions
  • Communication & Cooperation
  • Trust & Self-confidence
  • Solid team culture

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Specific interventions

The camp's interventions, goals and control tools are selected through careful dialogue with the client, to ensure the correct degree of challenge and intended results. Here, the purpose of individual elements can also be discussed to clarify the coaching goal and the team's intended development.


The aim of the Camp is to expose participants' limitations in order to explore and learn how the individual as well as the team, as a unit, can overcome these in synergistic cooperation processes with self- and mutual trust as a focal point. Everyone, regardless of physical, cognitive, intellectual or hierarchical level, will be challenged and there are therefore no restrictions on participation, regardless of whether team members have physical disabilities or are otherwise impaired.

Ongoing coaching

By camouflaging the educational aim with selected interventions in challenging scenarios, we create a coaching environment that actively works to break down limitations through increased (self)confidence, understanding, communication and cooperation. Optimum's coaches continuously analyse and adjust interventions to ensure the optimal course. When deemed appropriate, coach sparring will be held both with individual participants as well as with the team as a whole.

Controlled development

Although interventions can sometimes seem beset with variables and threatening circumstances, strict control is maintained with all environments, both to ensure safety and for educational purposes. In these circumstances, the unknown, threatening and demanding aspects are essential elements in the justification of the intervention in the Camp.


Team Camps are planned based on the individual clients clarified objective. The duration of Camps can be one-day events or extend over several days, depending on which needs are to be met. The practical matters such as the choice of intervention and the duration of the camp are therefore clarified in dialogue with the client to ensure that goals are met.