Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a course where we combine performance coaching and best practices from team building with our experience from more than 20 years of coaching employees, teams, military units and sports teams.

Individual and team sessions


per session

  • Individual adapted sessions and interventions
  • Performance & Wellbeing
  • Individual goal setting & Strategies
  • Frequency as needed

Alternatively, contact us for a non-binding conversation about your wishes and needs.

The courses are designed and adjusted to the individual team's goals and needs, but we always recommend following two tracks simultaneously:

Group sessions

Work with the team, as a unit, in group sessions where dynamics are clarified and the individual member's place and role in the group is expressed.

One-on-one sessions

One-to-one sessions where specific and individually selected interventions, exercises and strategies, are undertaken.


The process can at times be cognitively and emotionally demanding, as the individual members work in a targeted manner with interventions that aim to change behaviour in order to achieve the overall goal, while improving the individual's wellbeing and yielding desired developments. It is therefore crucial that this is appreciated in relation to further stress - deadlines, overloads and major changes - during the period the course is followed.


Optimum's coach is obliged to observe confidentiality in relation to the individual sparring sessions. Optimum is therefore not able to divulge personal matters that may be learned during one-to-one sessions, but overall recommendations and conclusions are presented to the client in question after the course has been completed.

Time frame

The duration of a course can vary from one month, with a few sessions per week, to six months with a single session per week. Contact us for a non-binding dialogue about your needs and thoughts for a team course.