Wellbeing Coaching

Wellbeing coaching is specific and individually adapted courses where we work with a number of interventions that aim to clarify and handle certain aspects of the coachee's lifestyle in order to achieve better wellbeing in everyday life. In wellbeing coaching courses, we work with specific interventions to deal with stress and anxiety, improve focus and flow, and help the coachee to make lifestyle changes, both private and career-related, or change undesired habits and behaviour patterns.

Our sessions can be held either online or over the phone, wherever you are. We can also hold the sessions face-to-face either at our addresses in Mariager or Ry, at your place or somewhere else, for example as a walk-and-talk session.


In wellbeing coaching, the goal is to raise the coachee's general wellbeing through the use of sparring, mental training, exercises and action plans. Concretely, this means that we address specific issues that limit wellbeing; stress or anxiety, limited focus or drive or the inability to make or even clarify needed changes in lifestyle or career. We work across domains, private life or career, depending on where your needs and challenges may lead us.

Change through effort

In addition to being coached directly, the course also includes "homework" and following strategies and action plans, for the recoding of previous reaction patterns, as well as the learning of new purposeful action patterns. These homework assignments can vary in duration, but as a rule of thumb, a dedicated effort must be made a few times a day.

A coaching course is therefore a profound challenge in life and soul that demands the coachee's flexibility, sincerity and desire to actually achieve change, not by flick of a switch, but by working purposefully and patiently on difficult issues.

Lasting change can be achieved, but it doesn't come without hard work.

If you need a solo session, you can book a Coach Check Up where we discuss your situation and needs and make suggestions for a further course, if necessary. A Coach Check Up always contains useful take aways, tools and strategies.

Coach Check Up
Case study - Andy

Andy, aged 21, had started a study after a sabbatical he had spent working in a local factory. Now he had started a study he had chosen more out of necessity than desire. He saw his friends thrive in their studies, but he himself struggled through the days with waning motivation and increasing difficulty in his choice.

When Andy contacted us, it was initially to sort out his coaching needs, he had ordered a Coach CheckUp. We discussed his situation and reviewed the options we could offer. The obvious thing to do was to start a wellbeing coaching course as he expressed a lack of motivation, dissatisfaction with his studies and that he found himself more isolated recently. During our conversation, there were several indicators that Andy had "lost his way" in his choice of study and had lost touch with what he wanted in life.

Andy started a wellbeing coaching course the following week. It soon became clear to him that his big challenge was that he was quite undecided about the future and did not understand why he could not be as happy as his friends, who seemed to thrive in their respective studies.

Through exercises and at our sparring sessions, Andy began to air the idea of ​​dropping out from his studies and going on a trip abroad - half a year to Australia. The coach's alarm bells blared; the trip abroad as an intervention can be a good idea when it is undertaken as means to learn about life, but here it seemed more like an escape, a postponement of the confrontation with the difficult choice he had before him him. But, as coaches, we are not meant to stand in the way of the client's development, we must simply guide it. After all, any choice is better than none and any forward movement is better than standing still. That said, the task now was to ensure that Andy made his decision on an informed basis - what did he want out of that trip? He had already taken a sabbatical after high school. He chose to spend that working and never traveled, apart from two trips with friends. He had felt it necessary to choose a course of study immediately after the sabbatical year and he had chosen a direction that could be studied at the nearest university, with good employment opportunities and with the prospect of good working conditions and a large salary. The problem was just that he found the studies boring and the work uninteresting. He had chosen his studies with his head and not with his heart. Andy dropped out and went on his trip to Australia.

After five months, we received an email from Andy. He had secured an apprenticeship at a carpenters in his home town. He wanted to be a carpenter and maybe a construction manager later on. In Australia he had got a job as a laborer on a construction site outside Melbourne. He loved working outside, using his hands and creating something tangible. He came home in two weeks.

After Andy's course, we have kept in touch. He is still going through his education and he loves getting up in the morning and driving to work. He has a wide network of old high school friends and new colleagues. His previous loneliness, lack of motivation and despair have completely evaporated.

6 sessions - unlimited exercises - 3 months


per month - 1.200€ total

  • 2x 70 min. sessions per month
  • Personal development plan
  • Ongoing exercises and feedback
  • Ongoing communication with your coach

Kasper Hartl Hansen

Head Coach

  • Wellbeing Specialist
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Veteran from the Armed Forces
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Thomas Gosvig Christensen

ICI Coach

  • ICI Certified Coach
  • Coaching & Mental Training
  • Youths - Relationships - Career - Lifestyle
  • Veteran from the Armed Forces
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