Trainer Check Up

With a Trainer Check Up we form a clear picture of your situation; your needs, challenges, goals and limitations, through a 90 min. session. You will receive implementable tips on how you can optimise your training and create change today, as well as recommendations for training plans, training courses and nutritional tips that can offer the developments you are striving for.


Because you realise that your performance is not as optimal as it could be. Is it your training structure? Is it sleep, nutrition, structure in everyday life, goals or something else entirely? Where should you apply change? Is a full coach monitored training course necessary or can you manage with minor adjustments and a plan moving forward?

The Trainer Check Up is an examination of you and your situation with the objective to recommend where and how to adjust. Many athletes have the ability to independently implement the necessary adjustments without a complete monitored training course. Others see great value in engaging an objective coach/trainer with insight and understanding of the individual's situation.

Trainer Check Up gives you a clear perspective on your training situation, so you can make the right decision.

Trainer Check Up customers who sign up for a subsequent training course get a 10% discount on the first month

Trainer Check Up


  • Overview & perspective
  • Tips on improvements today
  • Best course ahead
  • Discount on subsequent course
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