Relatives Coaching

Relatives coaching is our specialised course for relatives of elite athletes that aims to guide and support families and individual family members to be the best support functions for their athlete while maintaining harmony and balance in the family, even when busyness, challenges and set backs occur.

The course involves a number of interventions - exercises and strategies - which we will adapt to the individual family and the individual family member, for the best possible effect. However, we always recommend discussing and working along three paths for optimal effect:

Personal or online sessions


per session - 90 min.

  • Practicalities as a support person
  • Mental support and coping strategies
  • Thriving relationships
  • Individual and group sessions

Can also be delivered as bundle or seasonal courses.

Stress & Coping

Improved understanding of the athlete's loads, stress reactions, coping strategies and special practical circumstances as an athlete. Including relatives' coping strategies for the best stress-reducing support as well as own stress reduction. This path has the secondary aim of ensuring the thriving of other family members during the heightened focus on the athlete's needs.


Increased harmony in the family through improved communication and perspective. This path aims to develop relationships through better communication and understanding. Here we work with individuals space, priorities, values and individual wishes and needs.


Improved understanding of the sport-specific and practical functions family members can support with by taking responsibility. Even with limited involvement, interest and joy can be increased when family members take an active part in the athlete's preparations and the practical tasks leading up to and during a meet, match or race.

Time frame

The time frame for a course depends on your situation and needs. Some courses are run over a few sessions, while others are followed over an entire season. Sessions can be held in person at your place, by phone or online.