Sports Coaching

Sports coaching is more than a positive mantra at the starting line or an encouraging inner monologue when the suffering is at it's greatest. Optimum's sports coaching is individually oriented courses that require participation and dedication to working with exercises and interventions, daily, as seriously as you undertake training sessions and adhere to nutrition and recovery.

Personal or online sessions


per session

  • Specifically adapted interventions
  • Stress management & Resilience
  • Holistically founded sparring
  • Frequency as needed

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Daily training

It is the athlete who alone can create the results. The coach's task is to observe, guide with probing questions and issue relevant exercises and action plans, depending on the athlete's development throughout the course. Sports coaching is not a therapeutic treatment where the results arise from breakthroughs in the sessions. On the contrary, the sessions are merely sparring that serves to evaluate, reassess and calibrate the next period where the athlete must work independently with the interventions the coach recommends. Exercises, action plans, strategies and other recommended measures are broadly interwoven under the term "interventions". It is measures that aim to work through mediation by changing a direction that would otherwise have been taken.

Time frame

It is difficult to say how long the individual athlete should expect to follow a course, as the necessary interventions are specific to the individual and their situation. Some interventions may yield positive changes already after the first few sessions, while others may take months to break through. It is a sound approach to coaching to prepare for a season-long process.

360° approach

At Optimum, our approach to coaching is: human first, then athlete. This means that we focus on the whole person, who is also, but not exclusively, an athlete. No matter how much an athlete trains and excels in their sport, there will be significantly more to life than just sporting results. Family, job, studies and social relationships. These essential parts of the athlete's life have an impact that must be included in the total sum. We work to build balance in the athlete's complete life, based on the recognition that imbalance in one domain affects another. In other words, it is not possible to separate sport from the rest of life. If there is an imbalance in one domain, it spills over into the next.

Solid performances

It is therefore not the goal of sports coaching to focus on the individual top performance, for the individual event, once a year. On the contrary, the goal is to work on raising the base level, making the foundation wider and stronger so that the total capacity is raised and training can be done at a quantitatively as well as qualitatively higher level, every day. Therefore, we work with several intervention strategies that must challenge in order to prepare and develop on different levels, with the aim of creating competent and robust athletes who can deliver performances day after day. As with training, it is the repeated achieving of goals that ensures progress and development, regardless of domain.