Strength & Conditioning

Personal Training
1-1 Personal training session

Exclusive 1-1 personal training in Optimums gym, outdoors or at your home, whatever you require and prefer.

Your needs - your solution


Per session

  • Personal training
  • Nutritional plan
  • Specific goals
  • Coach sparring
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When ordering, specify the form of exercise, goals and special needs. After this, a start-up meeting is held prior to the first training session.

Styrketræning løber
Online personal training service

Specific training plan, adapted to your goals, for optimal strength and function. Increased endurance and optimal body composition.

Stronger & faster


Per month

  • Training plan
  • Nutrition plan
  • Coach analysis - 1x monthly
  • Coach sparring  - 1x monthly 

Order or contact us for a conversation about your specific wishes and needs.

Nutritional Plan

Nutritional guidance for optimal body composition and performance.

Always individually specific


Per plan

  • Diet plan - 1 month
  • Individual nutrition guidance
  • Weight optimisation plan - 3 months
  • Ergogenic aids guidance

Order or contact us for a conversation about your wishes and needs.

Zwift træningsprogram
Training plans - Ready to go

Ready to use training plans. Get started right now.

Easy to follow structured training plans


Per plan

  • Comprehensive catalogue
  • Goal specific plans
  • Digitally compatible
  • Trainingpeaks Bestseller
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Finding and buying plans directly in Trainingpeak

All our personal training solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs and help you reach your goal. Your personal coach is a certified personal trainer specialised in strength and conditioning training, as well as a nutrition expert. Your training is monitored, analysed and adjusted continuously.

We also have an extensive catalog of ready-made training plans on Trainingpeak's plan finder for runners and cyclists. Here you can buy a plan and get started right away. We offer personal adjustments on all our training plans. Read more about our Made-to-Fit service on the individual training plan in Trainingpeaks.

Our training and nutrition plans are created based on the highest of professionally standards and scientifically qualified. Your coach will endeavour in all respects to meet and exceed your expectations to a professional training course.

We never charge onboarding fees or tie customers to long contracts. We endeavour in all respects to fulfil our athletes expectations to deliver a professional course, but if the coach-athlete relations doesn't work, we can always go our separate ways.

Order your training course or contact us for a non-binding consultation about your needs. Then, together, we can find the right solution for you.