Warrior Coaching

On the basis of more than 20 years of experience with motivation and coaching within sports, business and the armed forces, we have designed this six-month coaching course which is aimed at clients who have the fortitude to work at personal development through specific interventions. Warrior Coaching is therefore more than a traditional series of coaching sessions. It is a personalized course that aims to increase the participant's discipline, create purposeful behavior and a robust mentality.

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Personal or online sessions


incl. 12 sessions

  • Specific course goals
  • Mental training
  • Personal interventions
  • Sessions every second week

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Individually adjusted

By including his own experiences, which range from a combined five years of service in global hot spots, with work within elite sports and business life, Optimum's Head Coach, Kasper Hartl Hansen, will guide you through an individually adjusted course that includes coach sparring every two weeks, exercises and self studies for continuous development and training of new habits and thought-/action patterns.

Daily exercises

The individual design of the course allows for even the busy participant to implement the exercises and training interventions in a busy everyday life packed with work, family and personal obligations. All which precisely requires discipline, purposeful action and a strong and balanced mindset.

Warrior Coaching is popular among athletes from youth talent to elite, business leaders and professionals in high-intensity industries as well as youths lacking drive, focus and resilience.